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Short-term mission opportunities (7)

IMF-related ministries have posted the following opportunities for individuals and/or teams to serve in short-term missions.

Church planter evangelist Abel Aureli and his wife Anna are seeking teams of four to six people to come to Italy for three months. Team members will stay in the same place, ministering together on streets ancient and new. They will learn about the rich historical and cultural heritage of Italy, enjoy Italian food and through various means spread the Gospel to a people often unaware that the Spirit of God can live in their hearts through a life-changing faith in Christ.

Ministry teams will work under the guidance of Pastor and Mrs. Aureli, connecting with local Italians to sow seeds of faith and set into Italian soil the roots of new Spirit-filled local churches.

Daryl and Cheryl Rustad serve in Tanzania, where they work with an NGO and as teachers and leaders in an international church. They tell us there is always a need for teachers in their school as well as people to work within the international church. The name of the school is Haven of Peace Academy. It's located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and is a great place for teachers and helpers to come.  Take a look at: 

Santisuk English School has offered evangelistic English classes for over 21 years with over 10,000 students registering nearly 40,000 times. Since 1995, nearly 600 different short-termers ages 18 – 86 have come more than 800 times for 4 weeks or longer to teach one or more of these 30-hour classes. Detailed teaching materials and curriculum have been developed that you’ll be trained to use. Your excellent English class becomes a bridge to building relationships and developing long-term friendships. MAKE a difference... BE a difference... come to Santisuk!

Mighty Oak Tree (MOT) A Child Sponsorship Program based out of Fang, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We understand that some teams or volunteers would like to focus on certain areas while some like a variety. We are happy to plan according to what God has called you here for and what you would like to accomplish during your short term trip with us here at the MOT foundation.  Opportunities include education, evangelism, and relief work.

Come be a part of showing God’s love in both Word and Deed during this historic time in Japan. Iwate is one of the least-reached parts of all of Japan. 

Dawn Birkner is an IMF-Ordained Pastor and missionary with Reaching Japan Together. She is also the coordinator of the Rural Japan Church Planting Network (RJCPN).She is planting a multi-site church called Kita Sanriku Christ Church (KSCC). The church will be serving the communities of rural towns in Iwaizumi, Tanohata, and Fudai, as well as Noda, the tsunami-impacted portion of North Iwate.

Lee Anne Risk is an IMF member who has served as a missionary in Mexico for 20 years. She lives in the city of Zacatecas and writes “We always need recruits/interns as my daughter teaches in English to kids ages 3-16. She has 35 enrolled for next fall already. If you have someone who would work with 4 year olds, even for just May and June, we'd be thrilled to give them their first foreign missions experience! We also need two more people for the next school year. Teachers? Great, but anyone who might be willing to work with kids in English. 

“How can they believe unless they can hear/understand the message?”

 Paul Lindberg is an IMF Agency missionary who helps produce Talking Bibles, small hand-held audio Bibles that resemble the Gideon New Testaments many of us received as children. Paul works both out of his home in Mound, Minnesota and in East Africa, a wicked commute. Says Paul, “It’s the most exciting ministry tool I have seen! It is very simple and fruitful…I am experiencing an incredible response working with oral cultures in East Africa…many non-believers are becoming Christians, and nominal believers are finding faith to leave sinful practices and come to church.”