International Ministerial Fellowship

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Missions FAQs

Most Frequently Asked Questions


What services does the Missions Department provide?

    • Reception of donor checks and processing of automatic support payments.
    • Depositing of donations and weekly transferring of funds into your personal account(s).
    • A personalized monthly, tax-deductible receipt sent to donors.
    • Monthly an Excel report is emailed to you showing all donations you received that month.
    • Maintenance of financial support records and donor mailing list.
    • Publishing, printing, and mailing of bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters. See Missions Service Fees and Rates.


Do we provide donors or donations to missionaries?

No, missionaries must raise their own funds and have their own contact list.


What is my financial responsibility to IMF Missions?

    • IMF Missions Department withholds $50 per month administration fee, as well as 10% of contributions processed through IMF to help cover the cost of services provided.
    • Newsletter Publishing (recommended, but not required): Should donations and fees not cover the direct costs of mailing, postage, etc., a small minimum fee formula is used to determine the monthly cost. See  Missions Services Fees and Rates.
    • NOTE: All fees and rates are subject to change without notice.


 Does IMF determine the place of service and exact ministry?

No, IMF Missions serves to enable missionaries to fulfill the vision that God has given them. We do not attempt to control the ministry, only to provide guidance, assistance, introductions and accountability.


How do I become a part of the Missions Department?

    1. You must first be a member of IMF.  
    2. Submit your IMF Missions Candidate Application Form.


When do I receive the results of the pre-field assessment?

It takes approximately three weeks to get the reports from the date you meet with the assessment center (IMF may choose to waive this requirement for experienced missionaries).