International Ministerial Fellowship

Serving Those Who Serve Others

About IMF Membership

IMF’s ministry partners (members) come from varied denominational backgrounds, but all endorse the IMF Statement of Faith, Apostles' Creed and our core values have been recommended to us by local churches, senior pastors, para-church organizations, and/or other Christian ministers and lay leaders who are familiar with their ministry calling and gifts.

Members of IMF have a wide variety of Biblical and theological training. Many are seminary graduates (e.g., Asbury, Covenant, Fuller, Luther, Oral Roberts Graduate School, Princeton, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Westminster, etc.); others are Bible college graduates and some have received their training through theological education by extension. All have demonstrated a level of theological proficiency and have been approved for membership by our membership and credientials Board of Review. As appropriate, some have been commissioned, licensed or ordained.

We do not believe that God always limits His call to those who have had the opportunity to attend seminary, and in some cases, there are those who choose not to go through their denominational ministerial track for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we offer an alternative ministerial track based on a careful evaluation of the candidate’s spiritual life, Biblical and theological training knowledge, ministry experience and Biblical knowledge.

Scripture admonishes, “Study to show yourself approved under God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth” (II Tim. 2:15). Therefore, one of the services which we offer our members is that of encouragement and assistance in evaluating their continuing educational needs for present ministry as well as future ministry goals.

IMF Membership and Rosters

Have proven pulpit ministry, authorized for all ecclesiastical functions
Some training/pulpit experience, authorized for all ecclesiastical functions
Minister in areas of special ministry-related skill,
authorized for all eclesiastical functions
Less training, serve in outreach/service under recognized leadership
Appointed as ministers of Missional Communities
Authorized to preach, mentored by senior pastor
Provides pastoral care, under supervision of senior pastor
Laypersons called as helpers, no sacerdotal services
Included as members but not authorized to perform sacerdotal services
Yes - Clergy
Yes - Clergy
Yes - Clergy
Yes - Clergy
Yes - Clergy
Yes - Clergy
Yes - Lay
Yes - Lay