International Ministerial Fellowship

Serving Those Who Serve Others

Non-Credentialed Membership

Associate Member

Non-Credentialed members hold general member status. They are included in our membership but are not authorized by IMF to perform sacerdotal services. They may participate in all issues referred to the general membership by the Board of Directors for vote and are welcome to participate in all activities sponsored by IMF. They qualify to receive all support services as offered to all members by the Fellowship.

An Associate Member (Non-Credentialed) of IMF is entitled to all the rights and privileges accorded to a General Member. Ordained or Licensed clergy who join IMF as Associate Members are accorded the same respect as an IMF member with their clerical standing.  Although the Associate Member may be credentialed by their own denomination. We honor them and the ministry God has established through their faithful service to Christ.

We have made many friends over the years working across denominational lines. In some instances a membership in IMF has been transitional for several years while the member works toward full ordination in their own denomination. Other times circumstances prevent the candidate from pursuing ordination in their own denomination and we are able to serve their denominational church and the member in a special role for a longer period of time. We are thankful that we are able to serve in whatever situation best meets their needs. Often when they have accomplished personal goals that might require them to otherwise leave IMF, they choose to continue a relationship with us but as an Associate Member because they know we love, honor and desire to cooperate in whatever way we can.  IMF sees itself as a good “team player” in the Body of Christ.

Also, we often have Christian businessmen who want to be a part of what we are doing, but do not feel called as a clergy person and prefer to affiliate as an Associate Member.  We welcome them.  We need them and their business knowledge to help us chart the course for this ministry.  It takes many praying, giving and going to accomplish the Great Commission.