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Living Memorial

Honor or Memorialize a loved one or a friend
at the time of their death or anniversary of their death, on their birthday,
baptism, confirmation, graduation, marriage, etc.
It is now possible to proclaim the message of Christ and, at the same time, provide a beautiful and lasting tribute to a loved one or friend. Thoughtful people across our land are honoring their beloved friends and relatives through a Living Memorial Gift.
IMF gives you the opportunity to memorialize or honor a friend or a loved one at the time of his or her death, on the anniversary of death, or just because they are very special to you, in a way that will be more lasting than flowers. A memorial gift is more than an expression of sympathy. It also can honor the living: a loved one or friend on their birthday, baptism, confirmation, graduation, marriage, etc.
In a beautiful way, your memorial gift says what you feel about the loved one or friend. You are perpetuating his or her name and, at the same time, investing in a dynamic ministry, making a real difference for the Kingdom of God. 


 To make a LIVING MEMORIAL GIFT, simply print and fill in the form at the bottom and return it, along with your gift, to International Ministerial Fellowship.

A Living Memorial Gift can be made by an individual or a group in memory or in honor of a friend, relative, or business associate.
When a LIVING MEMORIAL GIFT is received, IMF sends a card to the family in whose name the contribution is given. The card will also bear the name of the donor. The amount of the gift will be withheld upon request of the donor.